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Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden Soap Dish

A range of gorgeous soap dishes made from natural wood.


Wood is a great sustainable material to use as a soap dish, but it will require periodic cleaning to preserve it's life. Maybe even oil it occasionally with a vegetable oil you may have in your kitchen cupboard. 


Ensure that the water can drain away freely from the underside of the dish, as wood is porous so will start to absorb the water if it's not draining adequately.


There are two choices of colour, and two choices of style. Please choose from the drop-down list.


External sizes:

Ladder - 12cm (w) x 8.5cm (d) x 1.5cm (h)

Slatted Dish - 11.2cm (w) x 8cm (d) x 2.1cm (h)

    PriceFrom £4.50
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