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My Story

How it all began

White Horse Soap Company was established just before the first lockdown in March 2020, although I didn't start trading until end of June the same year.

Soap-making was a hobby, an interest inspired by the drive to reduce plastic in the home. Bottles for shampoo, bottles for conditioner, bottles for shower gel... if anything the bathrooms were cluttered!

white horse soap at market

Markets here we Come!

A soap-making course, a redundancy, and months of testing soap recipes later, I was finally ready to launch. Friends and family kept me busy with their orders those first few weeks, but then it was time to embrace the outside world. And so, my first Farmers Market came about.

I love the great outdoors, always have. And meeting people. I love a good chat. So, for me, meeting customers, having the opportunity to talk to them about my products, was a perfect fit.

Yes, they are long days, and yes some are not very successful, but you are establishing a presence that otherwise you would not have in that place.

mature skin skincare duo natural geranium orange nourishing.jpg

It's not just about Soap!

Since August 2020, my product range has expanded to include natural deodorant, hand balms, lip balms, and facial and body skincare.

My range is also available at independent retail outlets in Wantage, Faringdon, Kidlington and Oxford City

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