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Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads & Tin

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads & Tin

This is a beautiful gifting set for those embarking on their re-usable journey. Useful for removal of makeup, or for the application of foundation. Use with your usual cleanser or beauty product.


Included in the price are 12 reusable bamboo pads - they will vary in colour, but will be a mixture of "exfoliating" and "velvet" textures; a cotton mesh laundry bag, and a storage tin.


Keep the clean pads in the storage tin, and as you use the bamboo pads, pop them in the laundry bag. When the bag is full, tie up the drawstring top and wash in the machine with your usual laundry loads. 


If you have heavy-duty mascara and use the pale colour pads to remove this, you may end up with staining, but they will still be okay to use once washed.


Choose from four different colours - Gold/Grey/White (this tin has a matt finish); Deep Navy/Floral; Bright/Pink/Turquoise/White, and Light Blue/Floral. These tins have a gloss finish.

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