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Bamboo Soap Dish

Bamboo Soap Dish

A range of gorgeous soap dishes made from sustainable bamboo.


Naturally anti-bacterial, a bamboo soap dish will last and will resist mould. Ensure that the water can drain away freely from the underside of the dish, and it will take care of your soap bar.


There are four choices, ranging from a small square to a large chunky rectangle. Please choose from the drop-down list.


External sizes:

Small square - 8cm (w) x 8cm (d) x 1.3cm (h)

Medium rectangle - 11cm (w) x 8cm (d) x 1.1cm (h)

Large rectangle - 11.4cm (w) x 8cm (d) x 2cm (h)

Large oval -  13cm (w) x 9cm (d) x 2cm (h)

    PriceFrom £4.50
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