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Keeping (your skin) Hydrated using Facial Oil/Serum

Introducing a range of unique Facial Oils for ALL skin types. These oils have been developed to include a range of oils to suit certain skin conditions. For example, Balance & Restore (suitable for Combination skin) consists of Safflower, Grapeseed & Hempseed oils - these provide lightweight, fast-absorbing, non-pore blocking properties. Apricot kernel oil boasts anti-inflammatory properties, which can help keep spots under control.

The blend of Orange & Patchouli essential oils have been chosen for their anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory actions which can reduce the acne-causing bacteria and it's resultant redness. Patchouli oil can help heal scars and blemishes.

All of this whilst providing great hydration without any greasy residue. So, if you're wondering why, or how you should use it......

How Much do I Use?

Less is more. Use only just enough to provide very light coverage to the full face. The product is waterless, so it means it is very concentrated and therefore you only use a very small amount

Won't Oil make me get Spots?

It seems weird right? How is oil actually good for your face? A = Your pores need oil to naturally remove dirt & bacteria. It's only when these pores clog that problems start. Oils actually help balance sebum levels and regulate oil production, so when used with a gentle cleansing regime it leaves the skin supple and soft, and extremely nourished. And no greasiness in sight!

How can Oils work for Dry and Oily Skin?

It's all about the blend of oils - use slightly heavier Oils for drier skin, and much lighter instantly-absorbed Oils for oily skin. Using oils that also have natural anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory properties add to their effectiveness

Which one should I Choose?

For Sensitive Skin choose Fragrance Free

For Dry Skin choose Lavender & Rose

For Mature Skin choose Geranium & Orange

For Combination Skin choose Balance & Restore

For Oily Skin choose Clear Skin

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